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Whether you've done your research and have already made an informed decision to set up a discretionary trust for your loved one, or you are still deciding which trust is right for you and your family, contact us today. We can help.

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Protect their future

If you’ve been thinking about setting up a trust for a family member who has a learning disability (and/or autism), contact us today, to explore your options. You may want to:

  • safeguard their benefits and entitlements
  • ensure legal or financial responsibility for your family member is not placed on family or friends
  • make allowances for unforeseen family circumstances that could prevent other family members taking on the trust — like poor health or premature death
  • appoint a trustee who is well informed about learning disability rights and the needs of people with a learning disability
  • choose a permanent, professional body who is experienced in trust law.

How can we help you?

Finding and funding a place to call home

Golden Lane Housing (GLH) is a charity and a registered housing provider, and like Mencap Trust Company, is part of Mencap.

GLH is expert in finding innovative and suitable supported housing for people with a learning disability. Mencap Trust Company is expert in managing and using discretionary trust funds to make a difference to each beneficiary’s life.

Working together we can help make sure your loved one is well supported in the right home for them.

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Take a look at our archive

We've created an archive, so you can take a look some of the wonderful things Mencap Trust Company has been involved in over the years.

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Planning for the future

Many families worry about how loved ones will manage financially when their parents are no longer around.

A discretionary trust may be the answer.

Julie Schwarz recently retired as Trust Director, but you can hear her explain why the Mencap Trust service is so relevant to families on this video.

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