A message from Christine Cryne (former Chairwoman of the board)

The future is a worry for many people who have a relative or friend with a learning disability or autism. We can help reduce that worry.

We are different to many trust providers in that, as a not for profit,  we can, and will, strive to go that extra mile  to look after the interests of our beneficiaries as effectively, professionally and economically as possible.

Christine stood down as Chairwoman in September 2020. Julia Abrey is our temporary Chairwoman.

The board’s aim

The board aim to look after the interests of each beneficiary as effectively, professionally and economically as possible. We want to ensure our settlors have peace of mind and make the future more secure for their loved ones, our beneficiaries.

Mencap Trust Company holds legal title to assets for each beneficiary. The assets do not belong to the Trustee - they are held on behalf of the beneficiary. Our discretionary trust service means that the Trustee decides payments to the beneficiaries, how much to pay, and which benefits to make payments to.

Trustee Duties and powers of the Trustee are set out in the Trustee Act 2000 and include:

  • to exercise reasonable care and skill (“duty of care”)
  • to protect and safeguard trust assets
  • to manage the trust assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries
  • to comply with the terms of the trust deed
  • to act fairly and impartially between the beneficiaries
  • not to profit from the trust and avoid conflicts of interest between the Trustee’s own interests and those of the trusts
  • to keep clear and accurate accounts
  • to carry out specific duties in relation to investment.

Meet the Board

Julia Abrey (temporary Chairwoman)

Julia Abrey

Julia is a partner of Withers LLP in the private client and tax team, focusing on elder law. She was previously chair of STEP’s multi-jurisdictional Mental Capacity special interest group and a regular lecturer on elder law topics.

Julia writes "joining the board of Mencap Trust Company is an exciting opportunity for me as it combines two of my major interests and skill sets- advising clients on issues of mental capacity, principally in a financial context, and the administration of trusts through a trust corporation as trustee. I have significant experience in both areas which I hope I can bring to the board to support the Trust co as it goes through a period of change and development under its new director."

Jean Spiteri


Jean Spiteri

Jean is a qualified nurse, and specialised in palliative care. She has volunteered for her local Gateway for more than 14 years. She is co-chair of North Lincolnshire Learning Disability Partnership, a role she shares with 2 co-chairs, both adults with a learning disability.

Jean is passionate about supporting people to campaign and speak for themselves she also has a daughter with learning disability.

Mark Pearce

Mark heads up the charity investment team at a leading UK wealth management firm and brings 20 years of industry experience to the Board. He manages funds for a wide range of UK based charities and not-for-profit organizations and has a sound understanding of the current financial environment.  

Having grown up with a sister who has a learning disability, Mark is driven to ensure that Trust beneficiaries are diligently supported, and helped to achieve the quality of life and happiness they deserve.

David Smith

David Smith

David joined the Board in January 2020. He retired in December 2018 after working for over 30 years for the railways.

David is a poet and a member of a local dramatic society and he participates on Mencap Radio. David has  Asperger’s syndrome and is passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability, having their best interests at heart.

Companies we work with

Golden Lane Housing

Golden Lane Housing logo




Golden Lane Housing is part of the Mencap family and the preferred landlord for property held in trust. Golden Lane Housing specialises in housing people with a learning disability and has helped over 1,200 tenants choose their own homes. It also gives advice and guidance to hundreds of families each year.


Investec logo




Investec manages the investments of each trust fund. Directors review Investec’s performance each year, and to date, this has been consistently above market benchmarks.


Deloitte completes annual tax returns for each of our trust funds. By using complementary trust account software, the trust company has been able to negotiate lower fees for this service.

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