Our 250+ beneficiaries range from people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, to people holding down part-time jobs. We thoroughly enjoy building relationships with each beneficiary and the important people in their lives.

Mark's story

Mark lived with his mum in the family home. When she passed away it was a sad and difficult time for him.

Golden Lane Housing worked with Mark to find him the right home in his local area.

Mencap Trust Company helped by buying new furniture and paying his moving costs.

Pam's story

Pam’s dream is to live independently and she has worked hard to achieve it.

Golden Lane Housing helped Pam find a flat.

Mencap Trust Company bought the flat using the trust set up by Pam’s dad.


Micah is one of our youngest beneficiary. Now family and friends can think of Michah and make gifts for his future without endangering him. His mum, Leonora, explains why she set up a trust for Micah.


Tonda explains how her trust helps her and says, “it feels good”, and Tonda’s mum Cindy talks about her own peace of mind, and the comfort she gains from seeing the trust in practice.

Susan and Michael

Susan and Michael are both beneficiaries of the Mencap Trust Company. They tell us what having a Mencap trust means to them.


Anya's love of glass making started by accident, 30 years ago. She wants people to enjoy her art as much as she does.


John always wanted to be a fireman. Friends worked with him to design and build a life sized fire engine.


Sarah is a confident and skilled seamstress. Her quilts explode with colour and she uses complex patterns. Her ambition is to set up a small business.


Lynette produces beautiful drawings, and her favourite theme is animals. Her sense of humour shines through her work.

She also loves gardening.


Stephen has created art for over 20 years. He works in a purpose-built studio. He is able to relax and express himself through his art.

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