Meet our beneficiaries

Our 270 beneficiaries range from people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, to people holding down part-time jobs. 

We thoroughly enjoy building relationships with each beneficiary and the important people in their lives.


Micah is our youngest beneficiary. Now family and friends can think of Michah and make gifts for his future without endangering him. 

His mum, Leonora, explains why she set up a trust for Micah.


Tonda explains how her trust helps her and says, “it feels good”, and Tonda’s mum Cindy talks about her own peace of mind, and the comfort she gains from seeing the trust in practice.


Sarah is a confident and skilled seamstress. Her quilts explode with colour and she uses complex patterns.

Her ambition is to set up a small business.


Mark enjoys photographing reflections and intricate patterns in nature.

He likes things to be perfect.

He is also a skilled musician.

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