Meet the Mencap Trust Company team and find out what each of them do.

Stacy - Senior Trust Relationship Manager

Stacy headshot

Stacy joined the Trust Company in March, 2018. Prior to this, Stacy worked in Personal Support Services for 13 years at Mencap. She initially started as a support worker , and progressed to service manager .

Stacy has worked in many of Mencap’s services and has trained as an advocate as well as a person centred planning facilitator. Stacy is passionate about inclusion and wants to see every person with a Learning Disability achieve their full potential.

Stacy has completed the STEP certificate in trust and estate for England and Wales. She brings a person-centred approach to each review visit and works closely with each beneficiary and the important people in their life. Stacy helps beneficiaries ask for things from the Trust, her favourite part of the job is when a beneficiary has their request approved.

Alison - Trust Relationship Manager (South)

Alison Lewis Trust Relationship Manager South

Alison joined the Mencap Trust Company in January 2019. Prior to this Alison worked for eight years in a secondary school for boys with social, emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties.

Alison also has a son who is 28 years old and has Down syndrome , he is a non-verbal communicator and Alison has skills in Makaton and non-verbal communication that she has developed to support her son to make his own choices. 

Alison is passionate about inclusion and supporting people to reach their full potential and embrace every opportunity available to them.

Alison works closely with each beneficiary to understand the person’s needs and support them, their families and carers to make use of their trust fund to enhance their quality of life.

David - Trust Director


David joined Mencap in 2019 working on strategy and transformation, including the development of Our Big Plan – Mencap’s new strategy centred on making the UK the best place in the world for people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives. In 2022 David joined the Mencap Trust Company as Trust Director.

Prior to joining Mencap David has held leadership roles in a number of national charities focusing on strategy, impact, governance, and operations. He is passionate about supporting people to know their rights , achieve their full potential and live the life they want to live.

Valerie – Trust Administration Manager

Valerie Kudjoe, Trust Administration Manager

Valerie joined Mencap Trust Company in 2008 and is the longest serving member of the team. She is responsible for receiving requests for funds from beneficiaries or their support/care staff, ensuring the requests are in line with company policy and processing payments from each Trust fund. Each request is carefully considered on an individual basis before a decision is reached.   

Valerie enjoys the regular contact she has with beneficiaries, their families and support staff.

Enna - Trust Administration Officer

Photo of Enna

Enna joined the Mencap Trust Company in 2022 and brings significant administrative experience, including coordinating diverse administrative processes and providing administrative support to senior management in not-for-profit organisations.

Enna has an MBA in Business Administration, experience in promoting and adhering to company policies and procedures and contributing to the smooth running of the teams she has been part of.

Enna is passionate about putting people at the heart of her role. She is part of the core administration team, mainly responsible for setting up new trusts, processing distribution requests and handling queries from beneficiaries, settlors and related parties.

Christina - Trust Administration Officer

Photo of Christina

Christina joined Mencap Trust Company in 2022 after completing her LPC and Masters in Law . As part of the core administrative team, her role focuses on setting up new trusts, making distributions to beneficiaries from trust funds and responding to enquiries.

Christina brings her knowledge of trust law from her legal studies to support settlors through the process of setting up a trust . Outside of work Christina is involved in pro bono work, activities that raise awareness of invisible disabilities and advocates for marginalised groups.

Christina enjoys seeing the results of her work through the lives of our beneficiaries and the way that their trusts benefit them.

Neville - Trust Accountant

Photo of Nev

Neville joined the Mencap Trust Company in August 2023. He brings thirty years’ finance experience from the voluntary and private sectors, including roles at Together for Short Lives, HF Trust, London Higher and the Community Development Finance Association.

Neville is passionate about organisations which champion social justice and aim to create equal opportunities and inclusion for everyone in society. 

Farhan - Trust Accounts Administrator

Photo of Farhan

Farhan joined Mencap Trust Company is December 2022 to support the finance and accounting function. Farhan works across all of our month end processes and reconciliations and leads on some finance-related projects within the team. Prior to joining Mencap Trust Company, Farhan was part of Royal Mencap Society's finance team.

Laura - Regional Reviewer (South West)

Laura began working for Mencap Trust Company in 2019 visit some of our beneficiaries who live in the South-West of England.

Laura has previously worked as a support worker then moving to work alongside the Speech and Language Therapist in a specialised College for young people with learning disabilities for the past 14 years. 

Laura is passionate about communication and ensures everyone has the right to give an opinion and make choices independently as possible through signing, a communication aid, pictures and symbols specific to each individual needs and ability. 

Laura enjoys meeting the beneficiaries, families and carers to identify ways to make a difference in their lives.

Sandra - Regional Reviewer (Norfolk)

Sandra is a support worker and has worked for Mencap for 20 years. In 2018 she was rated as Top Talent in her annual appraisal. At the 'You've Got Talent' launch, she met the Trust Company team and wanted to find out more. Sandra joined the team of regional reviewers in Norfolk. Sandra is passionate about inclusion and making sure that people with a learning disability are enabled to reach their full potential. 

Peter - Regional Reviewer (Hampshire)

Peter works for the Mencap Visiting Service, and as our regional reviewer in Hampshire. Previously he has worked as a social worker in Hampshire and West Sussex. Peter and his wife, Lesley, have 3 sons, the oldest lives with them and has learning disabilities. Peter enjoys playing golf, though 'not very well' he says. 

Claire - Regional Reviewer (North East)

Claire has worked in the Third Sector for over 17 years in a variety of roles including Community Development, Community Engagement and Project Management. Claire became our regional reviewer in 2018 and covers the North East and North Yorkshire area. Claire has worked for the Royal Mencap Society for the last 5 years and is currently the Delivery Manager for Collaboration in the Regional Programmes Team. Her role focusses on collaboration (both internally and externally), inclusive communities and various projects and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people with a learning disability. Each Trust review is an opportunity to get to know the beneficiaries by visiting and having face-to-face meetings to discuss what their individual requirements are and to identify what the options and choices could be to enrich and make a difference in their lives. 

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