How to make a trust request

A Mencap Trust is there to make life more enjoyable. We look forward to getting trust requests - the more the better. 

Requests can be made by the person with the trust or by important people in their life (family, friends, key support workers, service managers). 

The Trust request form is used for most requests. It usually gives us all the information we need. If we need more information we will work with you to complete the request.

We will always need extra information for some requests; holidays need a holiday form, aids and adaptations need a recommendation from an OT or Physio, and for extra support hours we need to know the number or hours, the rate and a little about what you are hoping to do with the time. 

Please don't be put off if it all sounds complicated. We will make sure that trust law is followed, and that you have good access to the trust funds.   

Any questions?

Call the Mencap Trust Office on 020 7696 6932 or email We are here to help you!

Usually the Trustee says "Yes" to requests. Sometimes the Trustee says "No". We will always talk to you about why the Trustee has said "No". The reason might be concern that the request is for something that is very expensive, and that the trust fund could run out. Or because it is for something you are entitled to through your benefits.

Download a request form here. Print it off, fill it out and post it to the Mencap Trust Office, or scan and email it to

What to expect when you make a trust request

Over two thirds of requests are received, considered, approved and paid in 5 to 10 days. 

If we have all the information we need and the trustee says yes, you can expect to receive funds within 2 weeks. You will hear from Mencap Trust when we receive your request, and when your payment is made.

If we have questions it will take longer to process the request. We will contact you to gather the information needed to be able to ask the trustee for approval.

It is very important to us that we provide the best service we can. In the unlikely event that you have not heard from a member of the Trust Team within 2 weeks please email for the attention of the Trust Director.

Additional support

About a third of the trust money spent every year pays for additional support, so that people with trusts can get out and about and do more of what they enjoy. 

A request for additional support needs to include the number of hours and the hourly rate, as well as the number of sessions and a general description of what they are for. 

This helps us make a decision quickly.

Building, painting and decorating

We regularly receive requests for new carpets, built-in furniture, home redecoration and bespoke garden sheds. 

Any request that requires the skills of a builder, painter, decorator or handyperson needs 2 quotes. 

This is the best way of checking value for money.

Aids and adaptations

Requests for aids and adaptations must be supported by a recommendation from an OT or Physio. 

This is because the wrong aid or adaptation can do more harm than good.

Going on holiday

Going on holiday

We love paying for holidays, and seeing your holiday photos too. 

We need to know that it is the holiday the person with a trust would enjoy, and that all the costs have been included.  Hotel, travel, support costs, spending money, insurance, holiday clothes, even a new camera or a passport, might be needed.

When you request a holiday you need to use a holiday form. You can download the form here.

Alison and Stacy, our Trust Relationship Managers, can also help you.

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