Golden Lane Housing (GLH) is a charity and a registered housing provider, and like Mencap Trust Company Ltd, is part of Mencap.

GLH is expert in finding innovative and suitable supported housing for people with a learning disability. Mencap Trust Company is expert in managing and using discretionary trust funds to make a difference to each beneficiary’s life.

Working together we can help make sure your loved one is well supported in the right home for them.

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How can we help?

  • We help you set up a discretionary trust
  • We can help with practical advice for actions you might take in the next 12 months or so. This starts with a conversation with a GLH expert
  • You decide whether you want to buy or rent a home for your loved one, or want them to continue to live in the family home
  • We help you arrange the right support.

Mencap Trust Company and GLH build a relationship with the beneficiary and their support team to make sure things continue to work, year after year, as the beneficiary’s needs and ambitions change. Your plan can be updated at any time, to make sure it continues to suit your loved one.

How can the trust help with supported living?

First, your loved one will require a needs assessment – carried out by their local social services department – which determines their personal support requirements. Once this assessment has been carried out, GLH can work with you and your loved one.

Mencap Trust Company will work with the important people in your loved one’s life to make sure assessments are reviewed as required. The trustee can also help by paying for ‘extras’ to make life more enjoyable.

To find out more, download our PDF brochure, or call us on 020 7696 6932.

Housing options for your loved one

Planning together can make sure your loved one has a safe and happy home.

View or download our housing options brochure, created in partnership with Golden Lane Housing, to find out more.

Download resource Housing options for your loved ones

Mark's story

Mark lived with his mum in the family home. When she passed away it was a sad and difficult time for him.

Golden Lane Housing worked with Mark to find him the right home in his local area.

Mencap Trust Company helped by buying new furniture and paying his moving costs.

Pam's story

Pam’s dream is to live independently and she has worked hard to achieve it.

Golden Lane Housing helped Pam find a flat.

Mencap Trust Company bought the flat using the trust set up by Pam’s dad.

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