Unwrapping Stephen’s parcel was thrilling.

This is our second commission from him, and again his painting is surprising and lovely. Stephen’s art has been in demand this year, and we had to take our turn in the queue for his work. We know how lucky we are to have our beautiful eight maids.

The Trust Company has been lucky in lots of ways in 2014. Thanks to our steady growth over the last 2 years we have been able to expand our Team. Robin Hume joined us in September, increasing the time we have to get to know our beneficiaries and the people who are important to them (a great motivator for the team).

We have also been exceptionally lucky in finding and recruiting Ed Wadsworth, our new volunteer Board member. Ed has physical disability and a learning disability and has a passion to make a difference for vulnerable people. My job is to help Ed use his abilities to join with the Board in guiding Mencap Trust Company as it grows.

The Team and the Board are inspired by Ed’s commitment and are looking forward to working with him. Mencap Trust Company’s primary goal is to make sure that everything we do has the wellbeing of our beneficiaries at its heart. Ed’s contributions to Board decisions will be invaluable.

Already the changes are obvious. By working with Ed I am learning to always challenge myself on how accessible I am being. These good habits are so helpful to the ways the Trust Company communicates with each of our beneficiaries.

I can see now how the Trust service will develop in the years ahead. My guess is that through Ed’s influence the 12 people directly involved (our 6 volunteer Board members and 6 staff) will become better and better at building strong relationships with each of our beneficiaries and the important people in their lives. Because of this Mencap Trust Company will be able to apply trust funds with the same care and relevance as a family member or good friend.

This would be a great achievement and the absolute best of all discretionary trust worlds; a professionally managed and affordable service, with a personal use of discretion by a trustee with experience and knowledge of learning disability. Family members won’t have to worry about the taxes, investments, or law of discretionary trusts; brothers and sisters will simply be friends, Mencap Trust Company will do the rest.

Finding out about the unique talents and interests of our beneficiaries, and celebrating and supporting these is a great way to use trust funds. Stephen’s art was hidden away this time last year but we knew of his talent because the trust fund supports it. We show-cased Stephen’s work with our 2013 Christmas card and others have since joined us in publicly exhibiting it.

We had to join the queue for Stephen’s work this year, but there was no shortage of his talent. Eight beaming maid carry pails across textured green fields; two cows lazily rest in the foreground to remind us that the maids have been a-milking. Thank you again Stephen (and I will return your piece, I promise!).

Full art work


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