Here are some of Mencap Trust Company's best memories for you to browse through, including some of the things we've been up to recently. 

Mencap Trust Club: Just add tea and cake!

Last year, Mencap Trust Company decided to start a Trust Club, where clients of the company and their families can meet up to socialise and discuss their experiences relating to the trust, learning disability or anything else they wish!

Hear from Julie Schwarz, Director of Mencap Trust Company,  about the most recent meeting of the Mencap Trust Club.

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Reflections from our retiring Chair

Hear from Alan Jenkins, who stood down as Mencap Trust Company chairman in 2017, after 8 years of exceptional support.

Alan's leadership guided the Trust Company's steadt growth, and ensure that each beneficiary was at the heart of everything we do.

Read Alan's story from when he retired as chair.

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Planning for the future

Many families worry about how loved ones will manage financially when their parents are no longer around.

A discretionary trust may be the answer. Watch this video to find out more.

(This is the latest version of the video, a previous version from 2016 is available to watch here).

Our 40th Birthday Party!

To celebrate Mencap Trust Company's 40th birthday, we wanted to show off some of the unique talents of some of the beneficiaries we have got to know over the years. The result was a pop-up art gallery.

We asked 6 beneficiaries to share their stories in an exhibition of their work; Anya, John, Lynette, Mark, Sarah and Stephen very generously agreed. Baroness Hollins unveiled the exhibition in a private viewing, which included delicate oil pastels, 12 beautiful canvases depicting the 12 days of Christmas, a huge picture of a real life model of a life-sized fire engine, stained glass pieces and stunning quilts, calligraphy and photographs. The artists were able to express themselves with creativity, applying the skills they have developed over many years. Important people from their lives also told their stories; how they recognised and supported the unique talents or potential of their loved one or pupil.

We supported each artist’s work by paying for materials, studio space or art tuition. Public tours continued for two weeks after the exhibition, led by Mencap’s Young Ambassadors.

Stephen McGreal: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Stephen McGreal is an artist who creates beautiful things. Mencap Trust Company supports him by funding art studio sessions.

In 2013 Stephen agreed to create a Christmas card for us. It was wonderful, take a look!

Tricycle races

The requests made to the Mencap trust Company are as varied as our beneficiaries. Very often they raise a smile, because they are inspired and seem perfectly matched to the individual concerned.

Sometimes they even raise a little spike of envy.

Read Julie's blog to find out more.

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Shaping the future of Mencap Trust Company

Ed joined the Mencap Trust Company board in 2014.

Find out what he has to say about this experience and what he has hoped to achieve from this opportunity.

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Eight maids milking

Read an update from Julie Schwarz, Director of Mencap Trust Company.

In this update she discusses changes in the team, as well as a new piece of artwork that the team have commissions, by Stephen, an artist with a learning disability.

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Tips for planning for the future

Julie Shwarz, Director of Mencap Trust Company, gives her top 7 tips for planning for the future.

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